Saturday, 15 September 2012

The List of Coding Examples that I Promised in the First Introductory Post

A tutorial about how to add a Directory Chooser to your Android application is now available HERE.

Below is a list of coding examples that I will go through, as promised in the first introductory post:

Qibla Direction Viewer

Digital Compass and GPS Location Example

Drawing a Compass Face Example
Drawing a Needle on the Compass Face Example

Calculating the Qibla Direction Example

RRIM Project and SMS Pigeon Project

File Compression/Decompression Example
Reading and Writing Formatted Files

Files and User-Interface
Programming a File Manager using a ListView (This is covered by the Directory Chooser tutorial HERE.)

Database (SQLite)
General Database Coding Example
Storing Image Paths as Strings in a Database Example
Storing Dates in Database Example
A Special Database Structure used in the three Applications for RRIM Example
Phone Contacts Retrieval Example
Writing a Group of Phone Contacts to the Database Example

Database (SQLite) and User-Interface
"Hits" Database Searching Example
Phone Contacts Group Click List Example
Create SMS User-Interface with Character-Counting Coding Example
SMS Name User-Interface Click List Example

SMS, Database (SQLite) and User-Interface
Sending SMS and Progress Dialog (Progress-Bar) Coding Example

Producing Your Own Custom Clickable List Example
Progress Dialog (Spinner) Example
Programmatically Updating a View Structure Example
Implementing adjustable Character Sizes in your Application Example
Programmatically adding Images to a View Structure Example
Obtaining Image Paths from the Gallery having chosen an Image by selecting it within Your Application Example
Making an About Screen Example
Programming a Date Picker Example

Please feel free to comment on anything extra you want to ask about and/or add to the list.

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