Saturday, 15 September 2012

The List of Coding Examples that I Promised in the First Introductory Post

A tutorial about how to add a Directory Chooser to your Android application is now available HERE.

Below is a list of coding examples that I will go through, as promised in the first introductory post:

Qibla Direction Viewer

Digital Compass and GPS Location Example

Drawing a Compass Face Example
Drawing a Needle on the Compass Face Example

Calculating the Qibla Direction Example

RRIM Project and SMS Pigeon Project

File Compression/Decompression Example
Reading and Writing Formatted Files

Files and User-Interface
Programming a File Manager using a ListView (This is covered by the Directory Chooser tutorial HERE.)

Database (SQLite)
General Database Coding Example
Storing Image Paths as Strings in a Database Example
Storing Dates in Database Example
A Special Database Structure used in the three Applications for RRIM Example
Phone Contacts Retrieval Example
Writing a Group of Phone Contacts to the Database Example

Database (SQLite) and User-Interface
"Hits" Database Searching Example
Phone Contacts Group Click List Example
Create SMS User-Interface with Character-Counting Coding Example
SMS Name User-Interface Click List Example

SMS, Database (SQLite) and User-Interface
Sending SMS and Progress Dialog (Progress-Bar) Coding Example

Producing Your Own Custom Clickable List Example
Progress Dialog (Spinner) Example
Programmatically Updating a View Structure Example
Implementing adjustable Character Sizes in your Application Example
Programmatically adding Images to a View Structure Example
Obtaining Image Paths from the Gallery having chosen an Image by selecting it within Your Application Example
Making an About Screen Example
Programming a Date Picker Example

Please feel free to comment on anything extra you want to ask about and/or add to the list.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I Just Thought I'd Mention This Website Page In My Blog List

I just thought I'd mention that the App Components website page from the Android Developers website, and there is a link in my bloglist, is one of my favourite places for finding out about some aspect of Android programming, there you go:

Introduction to Pak Long's Android Programming Corner

Assalamualaikum and hi to you all,

Welcome to my blog "Pak Long's Android Programming Corner".

Here I aim to impart the fruits of my knowledge with regards to Android programming in JAVA.

I will soon put a list of Android programming topics here for you to see; and I will later work through the list providing coded examples of each of the topics on the list. Please comment if you want to see anything specific on the blog; I am only to happy to help with your programming questions.

My Android experience started having finished writing a suite of Islamic software for my Compaq Aero 1550 Pocket PC in 2010. The suite of software includes: a daily prayer time calculator, a daily adhan player and a qibla direction viewer. In early 2011 I wrote the "Qibla Direction Viewer" for my HTC Desire HD Android Smartphone. Later in 2012 I published it on the Google Play Store as a free app. It is under the company name of "Janat Al-Firdous Software Enterprise".

I have written another suite of three Android applications for RRIM (Consultancy Arm of the Malaysian Rubber Board) Malaysia. This work took 9 months to complete, in 2011/12, and it is here that I gained my main experience in Android Smartphone software development.

I am currently writing an SMS blast application for Android called SMS Pigeon in my spare time. The inspiration for this is that my wife runs a Halal food product business and needs an easy-to-use mobile phone application for efficiently contacting members of her business network. I will make this available, for free, soon on Google Play Store.

Wa salam,

Abdul Haqq (Philip Jeffrey Trowe)