Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pak Longs Android Programming Corner for Absolute Beginners - Continued - Part 4 - Display a Vertically Scrolling Rainbow of Colours


The above video shows the novice Android developer how to display a View in an Activity that contains a vertically scrolling rainbow or spectrum of colours using a mapping from HSV (hue, saturation, value) model space to RGB (red, green, blue) colour space (the one your Android device directly uses.)

In this tutorial you will come across the following Android SDK objects:

. LinearLayout
. Activity
. View
. Canvas
. Paint
. ArrayList

Happy learning, and see you all soon in the next tutorial!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Pak Longs Android Programming Corner for Absolute Beginners - Continued - Part 3 - Displaying an Image as the Size of the Screen in an ImageView within an Activity


In the above video I show you how to display an image in an ImageView control, within an Activity; which is the full width of the screen of your Android smartphone. As an example I use a PNG graphics file which is actually our company logo, see below.

Join me again soon for another free Android smartphone programming video tutorial !

Our company logo used in the video tutorial above:

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pak Longs Android Programming Corner for Absolute Beginners - Continued - Part 2 - Tutorial Android Application that displays a Vertically Scrolling List of Country Names


Hi, the above video shows you how to write an Android application to display a vertically scrolling list of country names on the screen of your Android smartphone. This Android application is created using the Eclipse IDE and Android SDK. At the bottom of the screen, below the scroll view, you will notice an "OK" button, which when pressed will terminate the application

In the process of making this Android application you will encounter the following SDK object types, etc:

  • ScrollView,
  • Button,
  • View,
  • TableLayout,
  • TableRow,
  • OnClickListener,
  • TextView,
  • Colours in Android represented by hexadecimal numbers.
Keep posted for more, and more!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pak Longs Android Programming Corner for Absolute Beginners

I have made some introductory videos on YouTube

The first video shows you how to turn on "Debugging Mode" on your Android smartphone so that when you connect your phone to your PC via USB cable and run an Android application that you have written in, say, Eclipse, the Android application will automatically be uploaded to your Android smartphone and executed. The Android smartphone I have done this on is an HTC Desire HD; your smartphone may differ in the way you turn Debugging Mode on depending on your make and model.

The next video shows you how to create a simple "Hello, World" application for the Android smartphone in the Eclipse IDE integrated development environment. Once created, the Android "Hello, World" application to run from Eclipse directly onto my Android smartphone; the output can be seen on the PC desktop through a freely downloadable utility called droid@screen

I will be adding more videos in future, so stay tuned!

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Saturday, 15 September 2012

The List of Coding Examples that I Promised in the First Introductory Post

A tutorial about how to add a Directory Chooser to your Android application is now available HERE.

Below is a list of coding examples that I will go through, as promised in the first introductory post:

Qibla Direction Viewer

Digital Compass and GPS Location Example

Drawing a Compass Face Example
Drawing a Needle on the Compass Face Example

Calculating the Qibla Direction Example

RRIM Project and SMS Pigeon Project

File Compression/Decompression Example
Reading and Writing Formatted Files

Files and User-Interface
Programming a File Manager using a ListView (This is covered by the Directory Chooser tutorial HERE.)

Database (SQLite)
General Database Coding Example
Storing Image Paths as Strings in a Database Example
Storing Dates in Database Example
A Special Database Structure used in the three Applications for RRIM Example
Phone Contacts Retrieval Example
Writing a Group of Phone Contacts to the Database Example

Database (SQLite) and User-Interface
"Hits" Database Searching Example
Phone Contacts Group Click List Example
Create SMS User-Interface with Character-Counting Coding Example
SMS Name User-Interface Click List Example

SMS, Database (SQLite) and User-Interface
Sending SMS and Progress Dialog (Progress-Bar) Coding Example

Producing Your Own Custom Clickable List Example
Progress Dialog (Spinner) Example
Programmatically Updating a View Structure Example
Implementing adjustable Character Sizes in your Application Example
Programmatically adding Images to a View Structure Example
Obtaining Image Paths from the Gallery having chosen an Image by selecting it within Your Application Example
Making an About Screen Example
Programming a Date Picker Example

Please feel free to comment on anything extra you want to ask about and/or add to the list.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I Just Thought I'd Mention This Website Page In My Blog List

I just thought I'd mention that the App Components website page from the Android Developers website, and there is a link in my bloglist, is one of my favourite places for finding out about some aspect of Android programming, there you go:

Introduction to Pak Long's Android Programming Corner

Assalamualaikum and hi to you all,

Welcome to my blog "Pak Long's Android Programming Corner".

Here I aim to impart the fruits of my knowledge with regards to Android programming in JAVA.

I will soon put a list of Android programming topics here for you to see; and I will later work through the list providing coded examples of each of the topics on the list. Please comment if you want to see anything specific on the blog; I am only to happy to help with your programming questions.

My Android experience started having finished writing a suite of Islamic software for my Compaq Aero 1550 Pocket PC in 2010. The suite of software includes: a daily prayer time calculator, a daily adhan player and a qibla direction viewer. In early 2011 I wrote the "Qibla Direction Viewer" for my HTC Desire HD Android Smartphone. Later in 2012 I published it on the Google Play Store as a free app. It is under the company name of "Janat Al-Firdous Software Enterprise".

I have written another suite of three Android applications for RRIM (Consultancy Arm of the Malaysian Rubber Board) Malaysia. This work took 9 months to complete, in 2011/12, and it is here that I gained my main experience in Android Smartphone software development.

I am currently writing an SMS blast application for Android called SMS Pigeon in my spare time. The inspiration for this is that my wife runs a Halal food product business and needs an easy-to-use mobile phone application for efficiently contacting members of her business network. I will make this available, for free, soon on Google Play Store.

Wa salam,

Abdul Haqq (Philip Jeffrey Trowe)