Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pak Longs Android Programming Corner for Absolute Beginners - Continued - Part 2 - Tutorial Android Application that displays a Vertically Scrolling List of Country Names


Hi, the above video shows you how to write an Android application to display a vertically scrolling list of country names on the screen of your Android smartphone. This Android application is created using the Eclipse IDE and Android SDK. At the bottom of the screen, below the scroll view, you will notice an "OK" button, which when pressed will terminate the application

In the process of making this Android application you will encounter the following SDK object types, etc:

  • ScrollView,
  • Button,
  • View,
  • TableLayout,
  • TableRow,
  • OnClickListener,
  • TextView,
  • Colours in Android represented by hexadecimal numbers.
Keep posted for more, and more!